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How It Works

Please note that the initial consultation and assessment will take approximately one and a half to two hours. To save time, we recommend downloading and completing the questionnaire (available here) before your appointment.

Vezměte prosím dotazník s sebou na úvodní konzultaci nebo jej pošlete emailem. Neposílejte dotazník pokud nemáte domluvený termín úvodní konzultace, kvůli ochraně osobních údajů (GDPR) nemohu jinak osobní údaje uchovávat.

We'll start by discussing your concerns and previous experiences. Following that, we'll conduct various movement tests to determine whether any issues might be attributed to factors, such as persistent primary reflexes or sensory integration challenges.

By the end of your first appointment, you'll receive your initial recommendations. If we identify any persistent primary reflexes, we'll also introduce you to your first set of exercises to be practiced at home daily. These exercises only take 5-10 minutes a day, but consistency is key.

Check-up appointments are scheduled approx. every 8 weeks. During these sessions, we'll assess your progress, teach you additional exercises and activities, and gradually work on inhibiting persistent and transitional reflexes. This process enhances attention focus, gross and fine motor skills. Furthermore, we strengthen postural reflexes and neural connections between the brain and the body, between both brain hemispheres, and also among different brain centers.


In this way, we establish a solid foundation for all aspects of learning.

At the moment, due to capacity limitations, we regretfully cannot accommodate new clients. However, you can be added to our waiting list, though the waiting period is over a year.

Feel free to explore our certified NDS centers as well.

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