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Welcome to the Cortex Academy® website for professionals


Our website is dedicated to providing resources and information to help professionals better understand the importance of Neuro-Developmental Stimulation, and how it can benefit their clients.

Under the Courses and Seminars tab, you will find information about the organized courses specifically designed for professionals in the field. Our courses are currently offered in Czech (in 2024 we plan English version as well) and provide training in Neuro-Developmental Stimulation techniques.


If you want to learn more about primary reflexes and their influence on learning and behavior, don't forget to check out the Publications and E-shop tabs!

What you'll find in the "For Professionals" section

About me

PhDr. Marja Volemanová, PhD.

  • I was born in the Netherlands and live in the Czech Republic (Prague) since 1999.

  • My academic background includes studying Physiotherapy and Special education at Charles University in Prague, where I also defended my dissertation titled "Neuro-Developmental Stimulation in the work of a special education teacher" in 2020.

  • Since 2009, I have been operating my own consulting facility, where my focus has primarily been on Neuro-Developmental Stimulation, Special education, and Physiotherapy.

  • In 2015, I established the Institute of Neuro-Developmental Therapy and Stimulation, which has grown and been renamed as Cortex Academy in 2022.

  • I regularly organize courses and lectures on persistent primary reflexes, providing insights and knowledge to those interested.

  • My work in this area has also led me to write three books and several scientific articles related to persistent primary reflexes.

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