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Enhancing Child Development
through Neuro-Developmental Stimulation

Cortex Academy®

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Cortex Academy® aims to raise awareness about Neuro-Developmental Stimulation, particularly focusing on symptoms and inhibition of persistent primary reflexes. Cortex Academy® also engages in publishing activities for professionals, parents of children with learning or behavioral issues, and other interested parties.

Cortex Academy® covers:

  • Information about child development from infancy to puberty, covering not only persistent primary reflexes and learning disorders but also providing guidance on supporting child development. Additionally, we offer courses and lectures for the general public.

  • Neuro-Developmental Stimulation (NDS) courses: NDS Learning through Movement©, as well as other courses and lectures for professionals.

  • An online e-shop featuring publications for both professionals and the general public. NDS Learning through Movement© course graduates can purchase tools (such as NDS cards and motivational charts) from the e-shop and extend their subscription to the exclusive website section. Here, they can access updated information to enhance their work with Neuro-Developmental Stimulation.

  • In the Cortex Help section, you can find information and contacts for counseling focused on inhibiting primary reflexes.

  • The list of certified NDS centers includes contacts for other professionals specializing in Neuro-Developmental Stimulation.

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