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It is often more enjoyable to listen to a lecture without any interruptions. That is why we offer lectures on primary reflexes for your convenience. The first lecture provides general information on this topic (in Czech), and more lectures will be added gradually.

About the author:

PhDr. Marja Volemanová, PhD, originally from the Netherlands, has been in the Czech Republic for a long time. Marja Volemanová operates her own counseling facility where she mainly focuses on Neuro-Developmental Stimulation, special education, and physiotherapy. Initially, she studied physiotherapy and then pursued special education at the Department of Special Education at the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague, where she also received her doctorate. She organizes seminars on the topic of persistent primary reflexes and teaches courses on Neuro-Developmental Stimulation. Marja has published the second edition of "Persistent Primary Reflexes - A Neglected Factor in Learning and Behavioral Problems", the book  "Theoretical Foundations of the Neuro-Developmental Stimulation Method", the book "Dyslexia! or not?" and has authored various scientific articles on primary reflexes.

Záznam přednášky z kongresu Vývoj řeči v souvislostech

Záznam přednášky z 2. kongresu Rozvoj řeči v souvislostech

Reportáž TVS o ZŠ Podolí, kde proběhl kurz NVS

On-line kurz skoro školákem

Girls in Painting Class

Online course Cortex Kids

The online course is intended for children of preschool age, because many of the problems that we observe in school-age children can be resolved during their preschool years. This program is ideal for children who are a year or two away from starting school or those with delayed schooling..

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